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Aligned Career Paths Delivers Results

Don't Let a Major Change Derail Your Student's Destination

Get MindSight Now

Discover the BEST for YOUR Student

For Your Student and the Rest of Their LIfe

MindSight Cuts Straight to What Matters

Maximize their life plan, educational choices, and minimize tuition costs associated with making the wrong choice in majors, changing majors, and dropping majors. Know the data from the beginning of the decision-making process.

What will the reports say about your student?


What if you knew ...

Exactly what the best career choices were as they related to inborn interests? Allowing for smarter choices for their future education, what they study, where they attend college, and how they will apply that knowledge to align to the best career for YOUR STUDENT.

Live with brilliance

Because instead of doing what you thought would make a lot of money, they discover and use their natural interests to help them recognize their true purpose. A purpose that made sure they lived up to the reason that they came here to this planet to do.

Prevent Mistakes

When they can see, there strengths clearly, then they have a clear map for how to leverage their innate abilities. Meaning they can see what a mistake it would be for them to take course work that does not align to what they can do best.

Reaching Base Happens Faster
When You Run the Right Race
Select a University or Vocational School That
Meets Your Behavioral and Motivational Interests
Reaching the Right Career Field
Stems from Identifying Correct Interests
Don't Make That Mistake and Accrue Unnecessary Debt

80% of Sophomores Change Majors by Their Junior Year

These statistics are sobering:

  • 59%  students take 6 years to get a four-year degree
  • 30%  students transfer AT LEAST once before earning a degree
  • 39%  students get their four-year degree in 4 years.

On average students will change their major at least

THREE times over the course of their college career.

Are you going to be one of the 80% of Sophomores that

change majors by their junior year in college

because they chose the wrong pathway?

What Is It?

MindSight™ is an assessment for K-12, post-secondary education, career technical education, and life beyond formal education. 

How Does It Work?

Take the MindSight™ evaluation powered by The Birkman Method™ online.  It takes about 30 to 45 minutes to complete. Personalized reports will be sent via email and loaded to the account after completing the evaluation.

How Will It Help?

Individuals will see their unique behavioral styles and interests inventory patterns to help choose the correct occupation or career path. Which makes choosing a college and majors easier because they started from a clear foundation.

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